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"Dance and the body"

Do you feel your body so intensely when you dance? How long can you do it professionally? Isn't it over at forty?

Wow, somehow these questions, especially the thought about the body, age or simply getting older, are justified. We all realise that we can't perform at our best with our bodies forever. At least in theory. But quite often we don't really want to believe it.

Of course, certain body parts have long until they given in and worn out.. Almost surrendered.

So we bargain with and over our limits, permanently exceed them at the beginning, hopefully learn from them, but still occasionally ignore certain warning signs from the body, trivialise pain or dismiss clear limitations as a temporary ache or explain it to ourselves (and others) with the reason: the current change in weather is getting to me, the current position of the moon doesn't suit me or with a simply bad day that started in the morning with a missed tram.

How long does that work? Well, until it crashes. Anyone who does or has done any kind of high-performance sport can tell you all about it. And dance is definitely one of them. Of course, dance and the various anatomical and medical aspects have developed enormously, many teachers are far better and more far-sightedly trained or have questioned issues based on their own experiences, learnt from them and therefore act in a more sustainable and individual way with their dance pupils, students and professionals. Fortunately and a blessing for many.

I recently had knee and shoulder surgery. Nothing dramatic. Wear and tear ... and that after almost fifty years of intensive sport and professional dance.

However, every operation, no matter how short, small and now extremely gentle on the body with arthroscopic tools and, as I said, minimally invasive.

However, it is and remains an operation. Structures are injured, connections are cut, healthy structures are put under pressure. Not for the faint-hearted. And you have to accept the healing process. Allow yourself the peace and quiet and a certain serenity. Because it will.

It's like slow cooking. It takes time, but it gets all the better for it. And more substantial.  And you learn a lot during such a healing phase. A real physical AND mental process.

So, don't worry, be aware, feel your body and don't wait too long. Because your body is one instrument and only you can nurture and care for it. So that you can enjoy it long into old age.  With this unique instrument.

Keep on moving and healing.

See you soon and goodbye!


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