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„Write something"

Write something: Do you know this?

It often happens to me when I'm writing: your family, friends, clique know that you can write and formulate well. Sometimes you come up with sentences that amaze them.

And then you have to write a postcard, post a letter or send an invitation. Thank you notes, funeral cards and, worst of all, that ad hoc guestbook writing where you have to perpetuate yourself. And all in just a few minutes, because so many people (wink wink) are queuing up and want to immortalize themselves in it.

AND! Then it ends up with you. There! Write! You're so good at it. Now! And funny please, and full of praise ... and with a lot of love and yet not too pretentious. People should be able to understand it - and able to read it too.

And then you sit there and sometimes an idea comes ... or not.

When I write something – traditionally a letter or an email, whether work or creative time –, I often sit there and change, adapt, shorten, expand and delete again until I have the feeling that I have found the right tone, that I have formulated my statement so aptly that it is understood, that doors open or that the content can simply be perceived and interpreted.

That takes time and is a process.

Sometimes a very, very loooooong process.

So give the person space and time.

It's not always possible to be spontaneous and creative in the moment. I also don't believe that every stand-up comedian, humorist or even satirist can be spontaneous, always funny, ironic, sarcastic or simply witty, even in private.

Formulate a few lines yourself every day and write them down. No matter how banal, it can be very helpful. It doesn't have to be a diary or psychological navel-gazing.

A small notebook. Note down a few thoughts and that's it.

You'll be amazed at what you read weeks or months later.

Keep on writing ... and reflecting.

See you then and goodbye!

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